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Your stickers are way too amazing. I feel so great after colliding with your brand. Thanks #STICKITUP

Alexa Skip Stickers
Adwita Chowdhury

Amazing product, loved it

It was unbelievable awesome and a good quality

Quality was good and very affordable price I loved it

Awesome Product

Team stickers are too awesome
I really liked it
And one thing I wanted to mention is that
Customer service is too poor, pls try to improve the same

stickers for Blackmoney.

I bought 8 stickers for my bike. every stickers are good quality, good flexible to stick in a curved areas. every think looks satisfied and it fully covers scratched areas. thank you.

LIFE Sticker
Priti Nath

I was not expecting it to be this good it’s really awesome I loved it 😍😍

It's very good

I love all sticker

Arsenal Logo Sticker
Sachin Harijan
Excellent Stickers

Hey It’s Sachin 10 From Goa . it Was My Second Time Where I Ordered The Stick -it Up the Quality Was Good Enough To Stick- Up Anywhere You Want. It was Great To shop With U Guys I Will Be Ordered More Stickers From Your Store. Thanks For All ❤️

Outstanding products.

Excellent product

The product itself was good and I liked it. However there was a issue with the sticker I receive. While they were included some of them had edges that weren't properly cut after printing. They cut the stickers itself while cutting the edges of the sticker. Other than that everything is good.


its very nice product and super.

Remember Sticker
Calvin lama
Marvelous stickers #GreatjobSITUP

It's my second order from stick up, and the quality is awesome and remarkable. Hope to see Marvel stickers.🙌🤛

Loved it must buy🫰🏽

Loved it must buy🫰🏽


Best for iPhone white ⚪ users

I'm Batman

It's looking great on my desk

Stickers are crazy AF dude 😎

I ordered too many ig 😂...but they need to add sm more funky designs and cartoons as well I can think of many.

It was good

it is good and does reflect on light, its good...

9 stickers bought

Everything thing was great. But the packaging could still be improved upon. The packet was the thinnest it could be and hardest to open up. I couldn't use scissors to open it up as it could have cut through the stickers. The stickers came loose inside the packet. One recommendation: keep them in a bubble wrap or something and please make the packet, well, more openable. Also please make the delivery time more reasonable. The package arrived so late that I thought that the confirmation was just a flaw.
That's all. I look forward to shopping with this brand and using the 20% discount they just gifted me!


These all stickers are amazing 😍

Great quality

I make a good decision


Superb quality stickers!!
Must buy

Gajab bhai quality ek number aap ne Gujarat thi surti lala 😂

No Internet Sticker
Aldhin Alex

The stickers are nice and good quality

Amazing quality.